Get My Ex Back

Get My Ex Back

I am belonged to the backward community and this identity made a storm in my love.  I had love affection with a guy since 2009. Both of us belonged to the same area and we met at first in the net centre. One fine morning, I have in the tension of project submission but in my home,  my computer started the strike and hence I explored the net centre’s at my area. There are no shops opened since it was 6.00 a.m.  I still remember that moment since, that project only determines my internal marks. When I stunned in a shop, I saw a guy who talking with his friend near to that shop and I enquiry him about the shop opening time and the emergency situation. He helped me to take out the printouts since he is a friend of that browsing center’s owner. But owing to the tension, I was forgotten to thank that guy. After few day, I again met him in the bus stand and I voluntarily introduced myself and we started the conversation for more months and finally we felt that both us entered into the magic world-love.  We enjoyed the weekends and we decided to get married but when I informed about my caste, his parents shocked and refused to accept our love. My lover conveyed that without their parent’s permission, he can’t marry me. My heart broken into pieces and I stayed at home without any outer communication and my mood become worse day by day. At the moment, my friend informed about the and his effective procedures of get my ex back. I contacted him and followed the instruction which he informed me. After a month, my  aunty- lover’s mother visited to my home and informed my mother to arrange for the marriage and she further told that she convinced due to the sad face of her son- my lover.

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